Air Tanks


Product ID Air Tank
Manufacture SICC
State Brand New
Year 2016
quantity 10
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SICC S.p.A is an Italian manufacturing Company who has been operating successfully since 1973 in
the production of  pressure vessels they offers a complete range of  Air Tanks for containing low medium and high pressure.


Available at stock noAir Tanksw Air tanks  supplied with everything necessary, pressure valve, pressure gauge, different from ball valves and blind, to be connected to the compressed air system.


The air tank has a maximum operating pressure 10,8 bar

Air tank height is 190 cm and a diameter is 80 cm.

The air tank is in stock and immediately available!

Also available as a galvanized air tanks, as well as coated air tank, whose inner surfaces are coated with plastic material, which is entirely due to rust and oxide free galvanized and compared to conventional containers.


Also available as a maximum operating pressure is 16 bar.